Main business of guizhou province renhuai city rose wine co., LTD:Maotai-flavor liquor products。The company“Steadfast、Struggle、Responsibility”The spirit of enterprise,And by the good faith、Win-win situation、Create a business philosophy,Create a good business environment,With new management mode,Perfect technology,Considerate service,Excellent quality for survival,We always adhere to customer first Attentively service to customers,Stick with their own service to impress customers。 


Guizhou province renhuai city wine co., LTD
About HuiSheng liquor
“White wine+Tourism”Mode has huge potential
Liquor market lurched pick up today,How to find new profit growth point,For many liquor companies on。5Month10Day,The eleventh tourism conference held in maotai in guizhou province,“White wine+Tourism”Mode by the government have high hopes and wine companies。“White wine+Tourism”Mode,In industrial sites and thick liquor enterprise culture,Attract tourists travel to visit,Formation of wine enterprise new profit growth point,So that the regional wine to glow the new vitality。“White wine+Tourism”Mode,Both the wine companies have been in active exploration,Although few can form effective cohesion,But uninterrupted step experiment
Young people with liquor the origin of history
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80After、90After the problem of liquor consumption attention again,To become6Month16At the day“China business conference·Wuzhen industry summit”The hot topic。
Tea therapy is invalid How can we truly solution wine?
Professor Lin SongZhou think Taipei medical pharmaceutical research institute,All the method of therapy is to focus on accelerating into acetic acid ethyl alcohol metabolism,Into carbon dioxide,From the eduction in breath or urine;Rich in vitaminsCThe lemon juice,But don't drink hot tea。
Guizhou province renhuai city wine co., LTD

HuiSheng protoplasm(Maotai-flavor liquor)

HuiSheng maotai-flavor protoplasm(Statue of the emperor)

HuiSheng protoplasm(A classic)

HuiSheng protoplasm(Tasting wine)

HuiSheng protoplasmic wine(Mr. Chen gourmet)

HuiSheng protoplasmic wine(Flavour)

HuiSheng protoplasmic wine(Double happiness)

HuiSheng protoplasm(Little old bottles)

Guizhou province renhuai city wine co., LTD
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The public security for the record:52038202001145

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